Hey! Wellcome to my page!

They call me Quintellart!

I'm a freelancer illustrator, character design and visual artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I draw since I was a lil kid. Most part of my artistical trajectory I took drawings and illustrations just as a hobbie. Time has past and I've dived into visual arts in 2016, using a bunch of materials such as nankin, posca pen, oil and acrylic paint, watercolor, and others. To explore all these things it opened my mind to infinite possibilities art give us. I owned an Art Studio during two years. In addiction to materials the surfaces have also changed: different kinds of paper, canvas, walls, digital and even human skin! Yeah, I became a tattoo artist in 2018! I worked very hard on this. I had my own tattoo studio, learned a lot, met amazing tattoo artists I had the pleasure to work with and many clients who became close friends. Tattooing will allways be part of my background and visual influences.

Not too long time ago I decided to do what I really love in arts: digital illustration! I develop characters and concepts for advertising, children's market, books, music album, shirt prints, storyboards, and what else creativity and experience demand!